Lush Life

Unlock the good health in this world

Challenge meets lifestyle

Lush life is a platform built for you to achieve your fitness goals guided by health professionals and supported by strong community

We tend to focus on goals but fail to realize that our lifestyles (food habits, endurance, strength etc.) and our choices are different. There shouldn’t be a one size fits all regime to realize your goals. Find a challenge run by a professional that not only meets your goals but also your lifestyle & food habits

Break the plateau or kick start the resolution

Hitting plateau or starting that new year resolution are the hardest two milestones in the fitness journey.

Participate in a challenge that is run by professionals to get motivated and get the right help when you need it.

Get Inspired, Stay focused

We all hit days when we need that one extra push.

Meet people with like minded goals and motivation. Build your own community. Get inspired and inspire others to stay on track.

Find recipes that fit your challenge

Reading the ingredients label is the best way to know if you are compliant with your challenge but not the easiest.

Find the recipes curated by your professional or by our smart system that fits your challenge. Take guesswork out of the equation.

Our recipe database hosts more than 1000 different recipes. Our world class machine learning algorithm can recommend viable substitutions in existing recipes that will fit your challenge.

We are looking to talk to more professionals like you

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